Behaviour focus for this half term …

At the Basildon school site, this half-term’s focus is ‘Mind your language’.  Children will be reminded by all staff to think about the language used, specifically to stop swearing.

At our Romford school site, this half term’s focus is ‘dress code’.  As a reminder, the school’s dress code is as follows:

The following items are not allowed:

  1. Shorts, skirts and dresses less than knee length
  2. See-through clothing, for example see-through blouses or leggings or tight-fitting clothing
  3. Strapless, off the shoulder or ‘string-strapped’ tops
  4. Cropped and/or clothing which is revealing (eg, exposing bare midriffs, ripped jeans)
  5. Clothing which reveals underwear
  6. Balaclava or face masks. Students will also be told to keep hoods down.
  7. Flip-flops, sliders or backless footwear, due to health and safety issues
  8. Clothing, hats or baseball caps with offensive logos or promoting illegal substances, political statements or movements.

Ofsted February 2023: BEP Academy remains a ‘good school’

BEP Academy had a full Ofsted inspection between Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th March 2023. You can read the full report and inspection outcome by clicking here, or by viewing to the Ofsted website by clicking here.

Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who completed the Ofsted questionnaire and all the schools and local authorities we work with for providing feedback to Ofsted.

Info for parents – knife crime

Essex knife crime

Talking with young people or young adults about knives and weapons can be difficult, whether you are a parent, professional or a friend.

People may not want to talk about the subject as they might be worried that they will get into trouble, they are embarrassed, scared, or feel that carrying a knife makes them feel safer.

This page and downloadable resources (click here or on the image above) are to help you prepare for a conversation with someone about whether they are carrying a knife, why they are doing this and what you can do if they are.