Support for Year 11 students (June 20)

From Monday 15th June 2020, BEP Academy will offer all Year 11 Students an opportunity to receive ‘transition’ support.

Students will be able to book a weekly time slot with a member of staff to discuss and receive support for their next steps (college, apprenticeship, job with training etc). We will be running the service until the end of term and throughout the summer holidays.

If students which to take up the offer, they will need to confirm their place by 11 AM the day before their allocated appointment.  The school office will be contacting parents with details.

School open for Year 10 students (June 20)

From Monday 15th June 2020, BEP Academy will reopen for all Year 10 students.

All children will be allocated to a group and will only be able to attend with their allocated group and at specific times.  Parents will be contacted by the school office with details.

All returning students will need to confirm they require their place before each session and by 11 AM the day before (more details to follow). The school remains open to vulnerable children and children of key workers, who also must still confirm their place by 11 AM the day before.

Work Experience

As you would expect, work experience has now been postponed. Schools and employers alike have confirmed their intention to start up work experience as soon as it is considered both safe and practical to do so. Many employers have confirmed that placements already arranged, but postponed, will be able to take place at some point in the future.

In the meantime, the staff at BEP Group would like to extend our thoughts to everyone affected by the pandemic. Stay safe and well.

BEP Group

Monday 23rd March 2020

Parents and guardians of children attending BEP Academy should have received a text message outlining whether or not your child has been offered a place at school, from Monday 23rd March to the Easter break. Government advice is for children to stay at home.  If this isn’t possible, your son/daughter/ward will have been offered a place at school.

We will be sending details of how to access our on-line learning system, for all pupils on Monday, which will include a reminder of your child’s email address, password and instructions. Children will also be reminded to use the system sensibly and safely.

If you have any questions, please call 01708 436440 between 8.30 AM and 4.00 PM, Monday to Friday. We will also be setting up a dedicated email address for any IT queries which you can use at any time.

Finally, I’d like to say how very proud I am of my staff. Because of their continued dedication to all young people, we have been able to form four full teams, two each for our Basildon and Romford sites.  Each team will rotate at the centre, ensuring we maximise ‘social distancing’ and, as far as possible, protect our colleagues and children.

These are incredibly challenging and unprecedented times for everyone, and we would like to thank all parents and carers for the support we’ve received.  We will continue to communicate with the whole school community and keep you informed over the next few weeks as best we can.

Mr K Sims, Executive Headteacher
Mrs J Green, Principal

Coronavirus update – 19 March 2020

As already advised, BEP Academy will remain open for all students tomorrow, Friday 20th March 2020.

BEP Academy will also remain open, to most students, for the next two weeks (Monday 23rd March – Friday 3rd April 2020), taking us up to the Easter holidays.

By the end of tomorrow (Friday 20th March), all students will have received instructions on how to access our on-line classroom and a reminder on how to access their email account.  All children will be required to access the online system and complete work set.

Identified students will also receive a draft timetable for the next two weeks and be expected to attend their home school (Romford or Basildon – both sites will be open).  We will confirm timetables for selected students covering the summer term over the Easter break.

Coronavirus update – 18th March 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening, we are currently reviewing arrangements for all pupils, ensuring continued access to education and, where applicable, free school meals.

We will provide a further update by the end of tomorrow (Thursday 19th March 2020).  All children should continue to attend school tomorrow and Friday, unless they have already shown symptoms of COVID-19 and/or are self-isolating with others in the home.